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Hi! I would love to patch the style I've submitted but I don't know if it needs @media $medium_media_query and @media $large_media_query and if so, where to put them exactly. Could someone explain our breakpoint system to me?
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Hi! I'm [personal profile] meludame, I usuablly dabble in styles-related bug and this is the bug write-up I did for my latest.


Some of the older DW styles do not print the page subtitle even though the option is there on the customize style page. Styles that are concerned are the following:

  • Brittle, Negatives (doesn't print the title either)
  • Skittlish Dreams, Sunday Morning, Transmogrified
Proposed fix:

Edit the layouts concerned to add in the missing feature. Edit the relevant portion of the CSS to make the change as unobtrusive as possible for the user of said styles.

References files:
Files edited:
  • For each layout, styles/$layoutname/layer.s2 (in either dw-free or dw-nonfree).

Bug Diary )


I would like to thank the members of #dreamwidth and in particular (but non-exhaustively) [personal profile] sophie, [personal profile] kaberett, [personal profile] geekosaur, [personal profile] momijizukamori and [personal profile] ninetyd for their coaching, cheering and reassurances as I worked my way through this bug. Y'all are amazing :)

Note: Another copy of this entry lives in my journal.

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Bug 5175 - not all layouts display the journal subtitle. I looked at the code, and it involves adding one line of code to each of the layouts in question. I did not do a full write-up on the bug, but I can point someone to what it is if they would like! This is a good one if you want some very simple interaction with S2 and core2 functions (extremely simple, I promise).
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Here's the process to take an existing theme layer and convert it into patch form (with all the fluff and trimmings to make it work on the customize page, have proper credit, etc).

Adding a theme layer to an existing style

To add a theme layer to an existing style, you need to edit two files:

bin/upgrading/s2layers/$layoutname/themes.s2 (or themes-local.s2)
cgi-bin/LJ/S2Theme/$ (or $

in detail )

Adding an entirely new style from a theme layer

This entry is purely about generating patches from a layer which is already s2-ified, so I won't cover the conversion from a stylesheet to a theme layer. If you need it, see the tutorial for S2 property conversion, which is thoroughly amazing. :)

Hopefully you won't need to do that yourself (the task is time-consuming, but not very complicated,so it's perfect for when you have plenty of time on your hands, but not much brainpower to spare). Let's just move on past it; I'll assume that either the theme came ready-converted, or that you did the conversion on your own.

So, you'll basically end up editing five files:



in detail )

Other things: images for layouts go under: htdocs/stc/$layoutname/imagename.png, etc. (under stc so that we can access them as relative urls from stylesheets, though in practice, we've been setting them as absolute URLs in properties by using variables, etc)

And uhh. I guess that's it!

Edit: 10/01: fixed a few errors, clarified a few instructions, courtesy of [personal profile] zvi


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