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I'm tweaking some CSS for a site widget, and found myself wondering if we have any conventions dealing with the burning questions of CSS, like absolute versus relative lengths and when it's appropriate to use a table for layout purposes. Is there a guide somewhere, or should we just try to blend with nearby code and make things work any way we can?
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This is a good cover of common programming (or program design) mistakes that can cause security problems: (it uses PHP in its examples, but you should be able to get the gist of it even if you're not familiar with the language)


Sep. 3rd, 2009 02:51 pm
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When I was looking around the database, I noticed that the tag database obeyed a tree form, which meant that tags could be stored with categories and subcategories and so on.

This is not a feature that's implemented, and it's high on my list of "features I'd love to have in DW" (possibly no 1 :-) ), and I have also written some tree algorithms using HTML/PHP before, so I thought I might try to give it a go and see if it went easily. However, when I went looking, there are no bugs in bugzilla about tree tagging, nor does there appear to be any information about this as a planned feature, despite the DB support.

So, I was wondering, can any of you please tell me more?


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