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For people using the mq Mercurial plugin in a version that supports multiple queues (I thin Mercurial 1.6 and beyond - check for the qqueue command if you're not sure): Is there a way to have some patches shared between all queues automagically? (Meaning without having to import them manually into each new queue, or to update them everywhere after they were changed somewhere?)
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I just bought a used copy of Mercurial: The Definitive Guide, only to discover in the first few pages that the full text is freely available online.

Here is the link:
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Joel Spolsky, who writes the generally informative and entertaining Joel on Software blog, just posted a tutorial guide to Mercurial. A lot of it isn't particularly relevant to the average Dreamwidth dev, but I know I came out of it feeling as though I had a little more idea of what was happening, or supposed to be happening, with patches and updates and all!
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Sometimes, it's useful to be able to track how a change made its way into the codebase to start with, for tracking why something is a certain way when it seems totally nonsensical or non-obvious.

Fortunately, it's easy to do so with the versioning systems that Dreamwidth and LiveJournal use, which track every single change made to the source code. (It's quite literally possible to specify any arbitrary date and pull a complete copy of the source code as it was on that date.) In this post, I'm going to use this feature to track down the original source of the FIXME that [personal profile] foxfirefey mentioned in her wonderful bug walkthrough, to try to see if it's possible to find out what it's for.

Walking down Memory Lane... )
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Sorry to be asking so many questions - I should really go on IRC but if I do that I'll never do the house cleaning I'm due to do today!

Anyway, on to the question. I've been using mercurial queues for doing patches and stuff and this has been working on dw-free, and ages ago I'm sure it worked on dw-nonfree. But today I tried to create a new patch in my dw-nonfree directory and it gave me the following complaint:

"abort: working directory revision is not qtip"

I ran the 'hg branch' command and the response is "default" not "production" like with dw-free. But I tried "hg update -C production" and I get "abort: unknown revision 'production'!".

Help! How do I fix this so I can use mercurial queues?


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