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[personal profile] foxfirefey has, at my request, very kindly put together a skeleton sample workflow for converting pages from BML to more sensible languages (apparently we're at about 45k lines of code to go!). Alas they did not as per my request call it "How to kill BML with fire" ;)

If you, too, have been contemplating getting into this, there is now a bit of a guide!

If you have done it and you Know Stuff that ought to be in the docs, please add it!

Thank you lots. ♥
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I'm rewriting /manage/index.bml in TT for bug 4709.
You didn't know we had a manage/index page? No, nor did I, so far as I can tell it's not linked to from anywhere on the site. But it exists, and it seemed like a decent exercise for teaching myself TT ;-)

I've reproduced the first section of it, and I'm hoping that somebody who knows the controller & TT model can take a look and see whether I'm on the right tracks - whether stylistically, or in terms of what goes in the controller and what goes in the template, or whatever else.

The bit I've done so far is at https://github.com/swaldman3/dw-free/commit/33cd1d9bd73f3fb1a6e39ac17bbc426d3c527afd

I'd welcome comments. Except ones about how it uses tables for layout. (I know that it uses tables for layout. I know that this is bad. I don't have the CSS knowledge to change that, so for now I'm just copying the layout from the old page. Maybe that'll be a future project for me, maybe somebody else will do it. Not worrying about it for now :-))


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