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Context was someone asking why
print "Hello, world!\n" && die;
doesn't output anything. Someone replied with a nifty trick to help figure this out:
perl -MO=Deparse -e 'print "Hello, world!\n" && die;'
(go ahead and try it in your Dreamhack).
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Lately there has been quite a bit of discussion about barriers for new volunteers, especially in regards to dev work. One of the most cited barriers is the heavy usage of IRC. The Wike page unfortunately only says which server to use and links to the dw and dw_kindergarten channels.

Having used IRC for 9 years now (not consistently, but from time to time), I then decided to type at least a short introduction which i hope will be useful.

Connecting to and using IRC )

I typed this up without a lot of planning, so tell me if any of this needs to be changed. I hope it'll help someone and please, if you have any questions, just ask them.
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You can use cd - to switch between current working directories, which could be useful for going between $LJHOME and $LJHOME/cvs/dw-free while working on things. See this for more information.


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