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Does anybody have time to do a quick rundown on how error handling should be done in DW, going forward?

There are a number of different ways of doing things within the codebase at present. I've tended to adopt LJ::throw for new stuff because it seemed comprehensible(!), but Mark has recently said in a review "I... don't think we use LJ::Error anywhere useful anymore. It's pretty old.". (given where the comment was made I assume that it referred to a LJ::throw statement, which I imagine must be part of a LJ::Error package)

So I'm wondering what best practice is now, and thus what we should do in new code?

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This is a good cover of common programming (or program design) mistakes that can cause security problems: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/01/14/web-security-primer-are-you-part-of-the-problem/ (it uses PHP in its examples, but you should be able to get the gist of it even if you're not familiar with the language)
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When I set up $LJHOME/etc/config-private.pl, I didn't set it up correctly in some ways I now know were wrong, but I didn't realize that before I protected my config files from updates.

My $LJHOME/cvs/local/etc/config-private.pl file now looks likethis )

My $LJHOME/etc/config-private.pl looks similar to that, but with these differences. (When I tried to edit that file directly to make the changes, it through a 500 error at my dreamhack. Reverting made it work okay, again.)

$LJHOME/etc/config-private.pl changes )

What changes do I need to make to what file to get the Schwartz to work?
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Sorry to be asking so many questions - I should really go on IRC but if I do that I'll never do the house cleaning I'm due to do today!

Anyway, on to the question. I've been using mercurial queues for doing patches and stuff and this has been working on dw-free, and ages ago I'm sure it worked on dw-nonfree. But today I tried to create a new patch in my dw-nonfree directory and it gave me the following complaint:

"abort: working directory revision is not qtip"

I ran the 'hg branch' command and the response is "default" not "production" like with dw-free. But I tried "hg update -C production" and I get "abort: unknown revision 'production'!".

Help! How do I fix this so I can use mercurial queues?
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So, having finally figured out Mercurial, at least, enough to realize everything I was doing wrong, I would like to nuke my hack's disfigured copy of the code and start again clean. (It's not really necessary to carefully swap out patches that I made by accident, and reapply them every update. In fact, I'd really rather not.)

It seemed like the nice and simple way to do this was
$hg update -C tip
, but when I tried that, I got
abort: 00changelog.i: no node 949b5cec2d2896f33952d57abcc52696717c90c8!
which is MAGNIFICENTLY uninformative.

Is there a way to fix that? Alternately, am I doing completely the wrong thing?


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