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[personal profile] foxfirefey has, at my request, very kindly put together a skeleton sample workflow for converting pages from BML to more sensible languages (apparently we're at about 45k lines of code to go!). Alas they did not as per my request call it "How to kill BML with fire" ;)

If you, too, have been contemplating getting into this, there is now a bit of a guide!

If you have done it and you Know Stuff that ought to be in the docs, please add it!

Thank you lots. ♥
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[personal profile] sophie, [personal profile] randomling and I have just been chatting in #dreamwidth-dev (the development IRC channel) about putting together a set of wiki pages on "how to tweak your hack". Wiki-editing isn't a thing I can do right now (because of OpenID and Wiki Account Reasons), which has prompted me to do the actually useful thing of asking y'all what you'd like us to document!

Current plan: take the Development landing page, and add a "Tweaking your dev environment" (or similar title) subsection, to include:
  • how to set up support boards
  • link to the Beta Features set-up page (and make sure we bring that up to date, while we're at it)
  • how to set up PM abilities
  • what are workers, and why do you care? Catalogue of workers.

What're we missing? What else would you find helpful? If you've wanted to do it, however basic you think it is, we should document it - because someone else is also going to want it, and some of us find asking senior devs for help on stuff like this really intimidating! Of course, if the wiki format doesn't work for you, they'll still be available to ask for help, and that is totally cool - but the more learning options we have available, the better :-)
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So I'm working on Bug 2277 - which is to add an additional option to the entry page to allow preview-with-cuts as well as regular preview.

I think this would be an awesome feature.

I have two beginner questions:

1. Obviously we're not hacking on the old entry page any more, so this would be a feature added to the new entry page. Am I even allowed to hack on the new entry page, or should I leave that to Fu?

2. What is the feature name for the new entry page? There's a wiki page on how to add beta features to your 'hack, but I couldn't find a list of beta features we currently have running and their backend names.

Thanks in advance, folks!
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Wiki page on Version Control.

Tonight I logged into my Dreamhack for the first time since September (there were over 700 commits that I was behind by, um), and [personal profile] randomling was an absolute sweetheart and held my hand through the process of (a) updating my Dreamhack and (b) submitting my first patch since, er, we migrated.

(... whereupon I promptly forgot everything I ever knew about updating language strings, and mark was very sweet about it...)

IN THE PROCESS, I ended up tweaking the wiki page a bit, to include things I ran up against and needed to check with other people.

What else would you like to see in there? Leave suggestions in comments and we can edit them in!
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If you didn't know about it there's a guide for Windows users on the Wiki. I've been updating it for a while and I think it covers all the essentials now (suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome, though!). I hope it can help you switch to the new system or become a contributor.

If you have questions I will happily try and answer them in the comments or via PMs. If you'd prefer some real-time help, there are some very fine on the #dreamwidth-dev IRC channel willing to provide it.

P.S. Secret message to people who are on Windows and would like to be baby devs but need some handholding to come out of lurking land: you're not alone and there's no shame in needing handholding. I did and still do all the time. Also programming isn't necessarily hard or complicated or scary. Sometimes it's just finding the correct file and changing one little line (and you'd know which one because you know how to read).

P.P.S. Super secret message to Fey and Fu: <33333333333333
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The Dreamwidth wiki isn't well-suited to keeping track of changes needed to the wiki itself and actions/feedback/progress on them, but Dreamzilla is ideal for those, and it now has a section dedicated to them. When searching for bugs or filing a new one, select "Project Documentation" as the product and "Wiki documentation" as the component.

This being Dreamwidth, there is substantial overlap between the technical and the social/cultural, but some restraint is advised. As an example, documenting what can make me lose The Game is probably handled outside Bugzilla.
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I'm trying to review bug 671, which includes email notifications. I've been told ESN requires TheSchwartz, so I'm looking at the wiki page to set it up.

It mentions the following line of code in etc/config-local.pl:


However, there's a very similar block in etc/config-private.pl from the recent database changes (it's the one that was somewhere different before and we had to copy and paste across), and that has:

pass => "password", #CHANGE THIS

(Or something similar - I don't have access to my Dreamhack right now so can't double-check the syntax, but that was the gist of it.)

So, should I change it to a new password, or which existing password, or should it be what's on the wiki? Also, which file should it be in?
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I threw together a (still somewhat embryonic) wiki page about the design and architecture of the stats system. All requests for clarification or elaboration of specific points welcome. Ditto "Hey, I want to help with that!" requests or demands. :-)


Jul. 29th, 2009 12:43 pm
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Hello everybody!

I got a dreamhack account a few days ago and I'm trying to get my head around the Dreamwidth code base, in the hopes that I can contribute something. I just thought I'd introduce myself. I was also going to ask a question, but someone lovely and unexpectedly answered it on LJ. *grin*

I've never coded in Perl before, so it's a bit of a learning curve for me. However, I have web coded in PHP before and I've used MySQL before and I have also used *Nix environments before, so I'm not starting totally from scratch.

I think the dominant reason I signed up for a dreamhack account was that I kept looking at DW and thinking "if it was simple, I could change that". In the end, my curiosity got the better of me and I just had to find out if it really was simple or not. Since then, I've been far too amused sitting in the MySQL console pulling up a test comment and post directly from the database. SELECT * FROM logtext2; has not lost its power to make me squee for the last few minutes. But, a question. No, two questions. Why log for posts? And why talk for comments?

So far the only thing I've really contributed is an entry in the Dreamhack wiki giving an overview of some of the database tables. It's found here. It was in the wanted list and I thought, hey, what the hell.


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