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So! Today I noticed that github, on your profile page, tells you your "longest coding streak" (consecutive days with commits, I think) and your "current coding streak". This metric is an incredible way to give me anxiety attacks and impostor syndrome; [personal profile] sophie very kindly coded up a Greasemonkey script that removes these panels (on all viewed profiles). On the grounds that I can't be the only person with this particular Issue... have at it. :-) (Shared with Sophie's permission!)
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I have two scripts I use all the time and which have saved me much grief and hair pulling. I was told there were worth sharing so here I am doing just that. :)

The first one just checks which branch you're on both in dw-free and nonfree (it's basically git branch with a bow):
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See? There's nothing particularly smart about this but I run it every time I start working on something. This goes into ####-USERNAME/bin on your hack and is made executable with chmod ugo+x ~/bin/SCRIPTNAME

The second one just checkouts develop for me on both branches and brings me back to /dw. See alierak's comment for an actual working way of doing this. :)

You can of course modify them to better fit your workflow or use Jeshyr's omnibus script instead. If you have interesting scripts, do share them in the comments please!


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