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How do I get post comments through the API? I can get posts with LJ.XMLRPC.getevents, and in the original LJ there's a method called LJ.XMLRPC.getcomments, but when I tried it on DW API, I got "Client error: Unknown method". Not nice.
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So the new comment preview page, which shows who you are posting the comment as, is working on my 'hack. Yay! That actually fulfills the bug, but there's something else I want to do as part of it for extra functionality, because it occurs to me that you can now see who you're commenting as, but you don't have an easy way to go back and change it apart from the back button.

So, I want to add a More Options button.

Obviously, adding the actual button is Not Very Hard. What is hard is getting this button to actually take you to the reply page - that's mode=reply for top-level comments, or replyto=$commentid for comment replies.

I've been trying to go through various pages (, talkpost_do.bml, talkread.bml) to find out how the regular comments page does it, so I can try to replicate that. But I'm having another "forest of code" problem and I can't trace the code path from the more options button to loading the next page...

Could anyone help me figure out what's going on here so I can reproduce it?

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Hi guys,

I'm working on bug 4242 - including the poster of the comment in the preview page (helpful for people who might be posting comments as the wrong user, not noticed they're not logged in, wanted to use their OpenID, whatever).

I've managed to display the commenter's username - as long as they're actually a logged-in user of DW. However, anon and OpenID comments break the preview page now, because I haven't figured out how to display anon and OpenID there yet.

I was hoping to take my lead from the actual comments pages of entries, which show them just fine. But while I can find the page that deals with the comments page (/htdocs/talkread.bml) I can't actually find the place where it displays the username. It's a forest of code!

I wonder if anyone could show me the place where that happens? A copy/paste, line number, or thing to search the file for would really help me to get started.


ETA: Look, [staff profile] denise, I asked for help!


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