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[personal profile] sophie, [personal profile] randomling and I have just been chatting in #dreamwidth-dev (the development IRC channel) about putting together a set of wiki pages on "how to tweak your hack". Wiki-editing isn't a thing I can do right now (because of OpenID and Wiki Account Reasons), which has prompted me to do the actually useful thing of asking y'all what you'd like us to document!

Current plan: take the Development landing page, and add a "Tweaking your dev environment" (or similar title) subsection, to include:
  • how to set up support boards
  • link to the Beta Features set-up page (and make sure we bring that up to date, while we're at it)
  • how to set up PM abilities
  • what are workers, and why do you care? Catalogue of workers.

What're we missing? What else would you find helpful? If you've wanted to do it, however basic you think it is, we should document it - because someone else is also going to want it, and some of us find asking senior devs for help on stuff like this really intimidating! Of course, if the wiki format doesn't work for you, they'll still be available to ask for help, and that is totally cool - but the more learning options we have available, the better :-)
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For a while my dreamhack has been throwing odd errors - e.g.,

file error - tropo-red.tt: not found at /dreamhack/home/8362-purplecat/dw/cgi-bin/DW/Template.pm line 365.\n, referer: http://user3.purplecat.hack.dreamwidth.net/

Today it was behaving very badly, with apache refusing to start and stop correctly, git throwing wierd errors when I tried to update develop and so on. I eventually realised I'd run out of space - deleted my back-up save of my old mercurial repositories and managed to get apache and git behaving again.

However, somewhere along the way I seem to have fubarred the database:

dh-purplecat@newhack:~/dw/bin/upgrading$ ./update-db.pl -r -p --innodb
Updating cluster: 0
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /dreamhack/home/8362-purplecat/dw/cgi-bin/DBI/Role.pm line 245.
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /dreamhack/home/8362-purplecat/dw/cgi-bin/DBI/Role.pm line 245.

cluster: status
0: ERROR: Can't connect to the database (clust#0), so I can't update it. (Access denied for user 'dh-purplecat'@'localhost' (using password: NO))

Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /dreamhack/home/8362-purplecat/dw/cgi-bin/DBI/Role.pm line 245.
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /dreamhack/home/8362-purplecat/dw/cgi-bin/DBI/Role.pm line 245.
Couldn't get master handle for population. at ./update-db.pl line 212.

Any idea what I've done, or how I can fix it?

Or even why I ran out of space - that worries me a bit too.
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I seem to have been working on Bug 2152 (allow multiple stickies) forever. However I have reached the final stretch and am trying to test it. I want to test that it behaves sensibly with different account types (Free, Paid, Permanent) which are each allowed a different number of stickies.

Previously I've changed users account levels on my Dreamhack by logging into the system account and then using Capability Edit on the admin page. However this doesn't appear to be working. I can switch beta features on and off from capability edit, but don't seem to be able to upgrade a Free account to a Permanent Account - or at least I can check and uncheck the boxes but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

Any idea what may have gone wrong? Could I have messed up my database somehow?
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I've just begin the process of setting up my Dreamhack config according to the wiki. I've gotten to the point of updating my code to the latest version (as described in Dev Maintenance) and creating several test accounts.

No matter which account I'm logged into or what privs that account has, I cannot run console commands at all. Not even commands available to all accounts like ban-set. Every command gives an error message "There is no such command '<command-name>'." At this point, I haven't messed with any of the existing code.

How do I fix this?

Edit: Underscores! I was using dashes instead of underscores in the console commands and my brain didn't catch that. Solved. :D
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Has anyone got any hints on getting Gearman working on a Dreamhack? I keep getting this: '[Error: Unable to get gearman client. @ hack.dreamwidth.net]'
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When I connected to my dreamhack account via ssh (in ubuntu terminal), sometimes the terminal froze after some minutes of innactivity. I discovered this solution (works in ubuntu but probably works in any linux distribution with openssh. Windows users have putty, which may or may not have the same problem, but different configuration anyway).

You should only try this command in your *nix based computer (*not* on the ssh connection to the dreamhack account, as it won't work):

echo -e "ServerAliveInterval 15\nServerAliveCountMax 3" >> ~/.ssh/config 
If you are likely to use different machines to access your dreamhack account, then you can set it on the dreamhack server as this:

echo -e "KeepAlive yes\nClientAliveInterval 60" >> ~/.ssh/config 

And in Putty you have to change the parameter:

Seconds between keepalives, in the Connection Setup tab, to 15

For credits on the solutions, just browse the replies below :)

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In http://wiki.dwscoalition.org/notes/Beginning_dev_checklist, it is said that "you can download the files from your Dreamhack to your local machine, edit them, and then re-upload them."

How? I'm on Windows so I cloned the dw-free repo with Tortoise then edited the file locally. I also have Putty and a Dreamhack. I don't know how to 're-upload the file' I've changed or the patch I've made to my Dreamhack to be able to test it.

Sorry if this has been covered in the Wiki. I couldn't find it.

A: use WinSCP.
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When I set up $LJHOME/etc/config-private.pl, I didn't set it up correctly in some ways I now know were wrong, but I didn't realize that before I protected my config files from updates.

My $LJHOME/cvs/local/etc/config-private.pl file now looks likethis )

My $LJHOME/etc/config-private.pl looks similar to that, but with these differences. (When I tried to edit that file directly to make the changes, it through a 500 error at my dreamhack. Reverting made it work okay, again.)

$LJHOME/etc/config-private.pl changes )

What changes do I need to make to what file to get the Schwartz to work?
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I'm trying to review bug 671, which includes email notifications. I've been told ESN requires TheSchwartz, so I'm looking at the wiki page to set it up.

It mentions the following line of code in etc/config-local.pl:


However, there's a very similar block in etc/config-private.pl from the recent database changes (it's the one that was somewhere different before and we had to copy and paste across), and that has:

pass => "password", #CHANGE THIS

(Or something similar - I don't have access to my Dreamhack right now so can't double-check the syntax, but that was the gist of it.)

So, should I change it to a new password, or which existing password, or should it be what's on the wiki? Also, which file should it be in?
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I'm trying to do some of the trivial styles bugs - specifically, at the moment, looking at core2 issues. I've edited the file in ~/dw/bin/upgrading/s2layers/core2.s2 but the changes just don't show up. I've tried restarting apache but they changes still aren't working. Is there a step I'm missing to get the new files to be used?
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So, having finally figured out Mercurial, at least, enough to realize everything I was doing wrong, I would like to nuke my hack's disfigured copy of the code and start again clean. (It's not really necessary to carefully swap out patches that I made by accident, and reapply them every update. In fact, I'd really rather not.)

It seemed like the nice and simple way to do this was
$hg update -C tip
, but when I tried that, I got
abort: 00changelog.i: no node 949b5cec2d2896f33952d57abcc52696717c90c8!
which is MAGNIFICENTLY uninformative.

Is there a way to fix that? Alternately, am I doing completely the wrong thing?


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