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Hello, I'm new here :-)

I took a look at bug 1424 today, and discovered that it's already been fixed (It was about confusing text, and the text in question has changed since the bug was submitted and is no longer confusing.  Maybe it was a dupe that nobody had spotted, or maybe the confusion was removed while somebody was working on something else).

What should I do with it? If I just add a comment, will somebody appropriate see that comment? I imagine that I shouldn't just mark it Resolved without checking with somebody Important? :-)
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The Dreamwidth wiki isn't well-suited to keeping track of changes needed to the wiki itself and actions/feedback/progress on them, but Dreamzilla is ideal for those, and it now has a section dedicated to them. When searching for bugs or filing a new one, select "Project Documentation" as the product and "Wiki documentation" as the component.

This being Dreamwidth, there is substantial overlap between the technical and the social/cultural, but some restraint is advised. As an example, documenting what can make me lose The Game is probably handled outside Bugzilla.
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I'm a really, really new developer (fired up my dreamhack for the first time about an hour ago) and I've been working through the documentation and poking through the code. I've found an unclaimed bug in a babydev bug list which looks like a nice place to start.

My question is should I claim the bug on bugzilla now, or wait until I'm reasonably confident I've found all the relevant bits of code and have a plan for how I'm going to go about fixing it?


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