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I have two scripts I use all the time and which have saved me much grief and hair pulling. I was told there were worth sharing so here I am doing just that. :)

The first one just checks which branch you're on both in dw-free and nonfree (it's basically git branch with a bow):
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See? There's nothing particularly smart about this but I run it every time I start working on something. This goes into ####-USERNAME/bin on your hack and is made executable with chmod ugo+x ~/bin/SCRIPTNAME

The second one just checkouts develop for me on both branches and brings me back to /dw. See alierak's comment for an actual working way of doing this. :)

You can of course modify them to better fit your workflow or use Jeshyr's omnibus script instead. If you have interesting scripts, do share them in the comments please!
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A while ago, Denise mentioned Michael Schwern's awesome 'Git For Ages 4 And Up' talk. So far you could only see the 2010 OSCON vid of it but there's a new one from 2013 If you've already seen the 2010 vid you'll see that Michael Schwern has perfected his talk over the years and it's easier and clearer to understand now -- at least for the basics. The vid is also better quality so if you need a refresher or a link for fellow volunteers or co-workers this might be a good one. :)
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If you didn't know about it there's a guide for Windows users on the Wiki. I've been updating it for a while and I think it covers all the essentials now (suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome, though!). I hope it can help you switch to the new system or become a contributor.

If you have questions I will happily try and answer them in the comments or via PMs. If you'd prefer some real-time help, there are some very fine on the #dreamwidth-dev IRC channel willing to provide it.

P.S. Secret message to people who are on Windows and would like to be baby devs but need some handholding to come out of lurking land: you're not alone and there's no shame in needing handholding. I did and still do all the time. Also programming isn't necessarily hard or complicated or scary. Sometimes it's just finding the correct file and changing one little line (and you'd know which one because you know how to read).

P.P.S. Super secret message to Fey and Fu: <33333333333333


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