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So I managed to submit my first pull request \o/

However, i have the following problem, bets described in console output:

dh-yvi@newhack:~/dw$ git checkout develop
Switched to branch 'develop'
Your branch is ahead of 'dreamwidth/develop' by 68 commits.
dh-yvi@newhack:~/dw$ git checkout master
Switched to branch 'master'
Your branch is ahead of 'dreamwidth/master' by 200 commits.

dh-yvi@newhack:~/dw$ git pull dreamwidth develop:develop
Already up-to-date.
dh-yvi@newhack:~/dw$ git pull dreamwidth master:master
From https://github.com/dreamwidth/dw-free
! [rejected] master -> master (non-fast-forward)
dh-yvi@newhack:~/dw$ git push origin develop
Everything up-to-date
dh-yvi@newhack:~/dw$ git push origin master
Everything up-to-date

What's going on there?
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Once your request has been pulled into develop and you've updated develop what do you do with your 'old' branch (local and remote)?

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Answer 1: local can be deleted w/ git branch -d BRANCHNAME (not merge needed yay)

Answer 2: remote can be deleted using git push origin :BRANCHNAME
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1) If you're working on bug A on branch A then want to work on completely unrelated bug B on branch B, do you need to stash you changes on A checkout develop then create branch B?

Answer: yes, but see comments about using git commit and git commit --amend in your workflow.

2) When can you use git diff? Before add only? Because otherwise it gives me nothing and I have to use git status -v.

Answer: possibly with git diff --cached or git diff HEAD^ HEAD (untested)

3) Oh I feel so stupid for asking this but how do you get out of git diff or git log on PuTTY? Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X don't work.

Answer: the magic key is 'q' and this is related to PAGER and not PuTTY

4) If you're working on bug A on branch A and have reached a point where you want to do some more work but be easily able to revert to where you were before, what is the best route? Several commits? Creating a subbranch A1 (is that possible?)? Is that where merge is useful? I'm having the hardest time understanding how merge can be used concretely.

Answer: several commits is indeed the best route; the concept of 'subbranches' isn't valid.

5) In git config, is there a way to reset the value of core.editor to whatever is the default on your computer (without naming the editor)?

Answer: yes, with git config --global --unset core.editor


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