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I'm trying to integrate setting a post as a sticky, and multiple stickies into the new entry form.

I've got the form set up to return whether the post should be a sticky and if so which sticky as a value for "sticky_select",

So in DW::Controller::Entry.pm in the function _decode, the value I want comes in as $post->{sticky_select}

That bit works fine.

But I then want to record the value in $req->{props} in order that it can be passed on to _do_post sensibly and the post set as the correct sticky at that point.

If I attempt to put in

$props->{sticky_select} = $post->{sticky_select};


$props->{"sticky_select"} = $post->{sticky_select};

or similar I get the error message

Client error: Unknown metadata: sticky_select

So my question is "How do I define metadata?" for use in this object.
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Still working on Bug 2152. The bug involves allowing people to have multiple stickies and the number they can have depends upon their account type. Adding this feature is going to involve a new config setting where someone sets the numbers of stickies allowable for each account type. However I've done the whole protect your configs from updates thing which means the new config settings aren't showing up in the patch files I create.

Should I just document the extra settings needed in the files? especially since the actual numbers associated with each account type aren't particularly important to the code and should probably be decided upon by the powers that be separately from the actual patch? or should I include some default values in the patch and, if so, what is the best way to go about getting these picked up by cvsreport.pl -d?


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