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I'm about to push my latest bug fix to github. While I've been working on this bug there's been some changes to the main develop branch so, obviously, I want to merge these into my branch before I push my code and submit a pull request.

Now I recall that in the past I've been asked to clean up the log after doing this but I've forgotten the process for achieving that. If someone could post an idiots' guide in the comments that would be really useful!
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I have just pushed what is hopefully the final version of my patch for Bug 5030.

As you can see from comments on that git page, it took quite a lot of editing for me to get it to the final point. This means I ended up running git commit several times (here's the handy wiki doc).

For tidiness' sake, [personal profile] fu wanted all of the commits in that branch merged into a single commit using git rebase.

So, because I ended up doing this several times (and forgetting in between times how I'd done it), here is Wot I Did:
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That is a thing that I did! And explained really badly. But at least now there is outline for asking further questions/putting it in the wiki?


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