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[personal profile] sophie, [personal profile] randomling and I have just been chatting in #dreamwidth-dev (the development IRC channel) about putting together a set of wiki pages on "how to tweak your hack". Wiki-editing isn't a thing I can do right now (because of OpenID and Wiki Account Reasons), which has prompted me to do the actually useful thing of asking y'all what you'd like us to document!

Current plan: take the Development landing page, and add a "Tweaking your dev environment" (or similar title) subsection, to include:
  • how to set up support boards
  • link to the Beta Features set-up page (and make sure we bring that up to date, while we're at it)
  • how to set up PM abilities
  • what are workers, and why do you care? Catalogue of workers.

What're we missing? What else would you find helpful? If you've wanted to do it, however basic you think it is, we should document it - because someone else is also going to want it, and some of us find asking senior devs for help on stuff like this really intimidating! Of course, if the wiki format doesn't work for you, they'll still be available to ask for help, and that is totally cool - but the more learning options we have available, the better :-)
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So, this is the gigantic project that's been kicking around my head the last few months, because I love our themes but right now, the organization is nooooot there. And I love organization. The full bugzilla listing has all the debates and links and what not, but I'm going to add the summary of UI implementation I ran by Denise below:

quoted from Bugzilla )

Because the scope of this runs through Perl, MySQL, BML, and Javascript, today I sat down and wrote out a vague work-flow for how looking at themes by category in /customize should run, and how adding themes as an admin should run, so I have an idea of what I need to do.

very rough, mind you )

I'd really appreciate feedback on if I missed any important stuff, logistics of the UI implementation, and how exactly we should store this information in the databases. Or even on the list of categories I have so far, though there will probably be a bigger, more official RFC when things get far enough.


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