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I'm a new developer (emphasis on the new). I'm trying to expand my skillset in programming and open-source works. I've been told you guys have a great community and are very helpful to newcomers. Please, if you have any tips, resources or suggestions send them my way.

I'm interested in front-end work, graphical interfaces and the like. I have some experience in java, python, html and css. I'm good at photoshop/illustrator as well if there is any need for something along those lines.

Specifically, I've tasked myself with converting the code to run on foundation. Here's a question, where do I find the page to see how it looks now?

Thank you very much and I look forward to learning and helping.

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Hi Aaron, and welcome!

I think does its magic here, but I haven't done the necessary digging through the code to verify that.

I'm not sure how familiar you are with what we do and how we go about it, so not 100% sure what resources to point you at specifically, but I recommend the IRC channel if you're an IRC person (#dreamwidth on freenode) and our wiki (the link goes to our Dev Getting Started page, which gives some idea of what technologies we use, how to get started, and so on).

Feel free to ask any questions you might have!
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Welcome :D We're always happy to have more people who enjoy doing front-end stuff. I think [personal profile] afuna has been heading up Foundation conversion stuff (as well as BML to TT conversion, which is more arcane). And I'm always happy to help people learn to patch journal styles, which is largely CSS with little bits and pieces of a simple project-specific code - 'if' statements are about as complicated as it gets.

As randomling said, IRC is the quickest way to meet people and get help. If you're new to it, we've got an intro on the wiki here

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Oh, wonderful! I'm not active at present, but when I was, one of our biggest problems was a shortage of people who wanted to do front end (apart from journal styles). Welcome!
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hello fellow seattle person, weclome! I have no help, but I do have virtual coffee. ::hands cuppa joe over::
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