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Masterlist: bugs for beginners

Last updated: 2017-05-22

This is a list of bugs that will serve as a good introduction to the Dreamwidth development workflow. They involve varying levels of rummaging up to your elbows in the guts of the code but I can promise that we'll all be only to pleased to help :-) If in doubt, just take a look at the list of things real DW programmers do...

Struck out bugs are ones that have been claimed but not yet resolved. All issues on this list are tagged curated: beginner - I update this post once a fortnight, but by all means check the GHI tag to see if there's anything I haven't mentioned yet! If you're after a challenge, you can also try looking at non-curated lower-effort issues, all unassigned issues, or rummage through [site community profile] dw_suggestions' bugzilla: migrated tag for features you'd like to implement. (If you do that last one, check to make sure that the entry isn't also tagged bugzilla: implemented, and that there isn't a corresponding assigned issue.)

If any of the bugs on this list catch your attention, drop us a comment and someone will reconstruct the full bug report for you so's you can get going with it.

One-line fixes
Ideal for learning your way around Dreamhacks & github!
  • Bug 2859: add a sentence of text (and, if you're feeling really wild, a link!) to the "manage filters" page. This is to signpost the easiest ways to modify someone's membership in multiple access/subscription filters (as opposed to the easiest ways to add or remove batches of people from a specific filter).
  • Bug 4323: add some warning text about missing features when users choose the style Zesty.

A bit more rummaging involved
I also came across a bunch of stuff that I thought "hmm, might be interesting". These are all well-structured and well-specified, and in most cases you've got something to crib off (in the sense that other bits of the codebase already display the desired behaviour, it's just a case of making sure This Bit does too). Look at these if you're after something to cut your teeth on!
  • Bug 1696: add "delete" link to month view, to speed up mass deletion.
  • Bug 1702: tweak the registration page so people enter their username twice as well as their password, and then stick in a bit of Javascript at the bottom to confirm.
  • Bug 2155: suggest a cut tag at time of posting if post-to-be is longer than [an amount]. (Related: Bug 2824!)
  • Bug 2816: Create option for easy embedding of cut text into entry
  • Bug 2871: Button to Bulk-Delete 0-Entry Tags [oh, that's interesting, I didn't include this one because it Looked Like Work; if it's still hanging around when I've finished exams and all of the bugs I haven't touched in six months, I'll have a play with it then ;)]
  • Bug 2876: Your Layers page: redesign layers table as a tree
  • Bug 2885: Allow XFN relationships to be defined in Links List
  • Bug 2920: ajax cut expander should work on latest things page
  • Bug 3260: improve the interface for managing all comments on a particular page/entry.
  • Bug 3477: add an extra click when rejecting someone's application for community membership from e-mail, modelled after the "delete a comment" link from e-mail.
  • Bug 4256: in-line expansion of Adult Content/NSFW warnings, as per existing cuts.
  • Bug 4363: add in an "are you sure/would you like to save?" pop up when you try to change pages in managing community membership, modelled after the pop-up you get in Customize
  • Bug 4507: expand all respondents in poll.
  • Bug 4929: add a final on-site confirmation when claiming OpenIDs.

Enjoy! And please do ask for help. Or cheerleading. Or anything else you feel like. ♥