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The main thing you need to do to implement crossposting is to create another subclass of cgi-bin/DW/External/XPostProtocol.pm. You can get the list of methods that the subclass needs to implement from that file as well; it's in the section called

# instance methods for subclasses.

We currently only have one for LJ-based sites -- cgi-bin/DW/External/XPostProtocol/LJXMLRPC.pm, you can use that to see what (in general) you need to handle in each.

Then, so that it will be registered as a crosspost handler, and show up in the dropdown when you're setting up a crosspost account, add the class to the protocols hash in cgi-bin/DW/External/XPostProtocol.pm, like it is here:

my %protocols;
eval { $protocols{"lj"} = DW::External::XPostProtocol::LJXMLRPC->new; };

I'd probably start really simple first! Hardcode authentication while you figure out how to use the other site's protocol, and then when that's working, figure out the problem of storing the authentication.

Why not continue to use the externalaccount table, btw? The field says password, but it's always just the hashed password which can be used as an authentication token; it's not a huge stretch to use it for other auth schemes.

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