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I have been poking around at bug 3893 because it looked really simple, but in doing so I realised that it needs skills I don't have (i.e.: being able to use a graphics editor!) so I can't complete it. But it did take a fair bit of poking around to discover that the file that needs to be edited seems to be $LJHOME/htdocs/stc/fck/editor/plugins/livejournal/ljuser.gif.

I'm wondering if I should toss a comment on the bug in bugzilla saying "Hey I think that this is the file that needs editing" or whether I should just leave it alone.

The thing that makes me most nervous about putting things on Bugzilla is every time I do something it shows me this huge list of email addresses and says it's notified them all. I don't want to interrupt important hacking just to make a comment about something. I especially don'tt want to do that when my comment might be (a) wrong, (b) irrelevant, or (c) totally obvious and therefore redundant to anybody else who's likely to try and hack at it!

Posting to communities or IRC or IM is heaps easier because I know that's not going to totally spam people and it'll just be easily ignored by anybody who isn't interested. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

I hate that I'm so overawed and intimidated by this hacking stuff - I know both [staff profile] denise and [personal profile] fu and a bunch of other coders have reassured me that I don't need to be but for some reason it's this huge enormous psychological hurdle where I am feeling almost paralysed with terror :(


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