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Question thread #19

It's time for another question thread!

The rules:

- You may ask any dev-related question you have in a comment. (It doesn't even need to be about Dreamwidth, although if it involves a language/library/framework/database Dreamwidth doesn't use, you will probably get answers pointing that out and suggesting a better place to ask.)
- You may also answer any question, using the guidelines given in To Answer, Or Not To Answer and in this comment thread.
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Status of <lj-spoiler> integration/cut tags in comments?

[personal profile] quartzpebble 2014-05-05 03:08 am (UTC)(link)
Was there ever a bug created for somehow supporting lj-spoiler tags (in imports at least)? There are a few old posts in [site community profile] dw_suggestions that mention handling spoilers in comments, but since the sad demise of Bugzilla I don't know if there was more discussion or if there were any more concrete plans to support it.

I am motivated to work on this because I would like functional cuts in comments!
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Re: Status of <lj-spoiler> integration/cut tags in comments?

[staff profile] denise 2014-05-05 12:37 pm (UTC)(link)
There isn't a bug for it, because there isn't a bug for, like, anything right now :P

I"ve been on the fence for it. LJ's version of the spoiler tag is inaccessible, doesn't work if you don't have JS enabled (and, worse, if you don't have JS enabled it just shows you the spoiler), and is really freakin' ugly in terms of quality-of-code. Creating a "cut tags in comments" thing that is not LJ's spoiler tag is a major UI overhaul that would be really, really easy to do poorly (as witness LJ's spoiler tag). If somebody can give me a good mockup and make it accessible, it's a definite possibility, but overall I think it's a lot harder to do well than people think at first glance.