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Masterlist: bugs for beginners

Last updated: 2017-04-17

This is a list of bugs that will serve as a good introduction to the Dreamwidth development workflow. They involve varying levels of rummaging up to your elbows in the guts of the code but I can promise that we'll all be only to pleased to help :-) If in doubt, just take a look at the list of things real DW programmers do...

Struck out bugs are ones that have been claimed but not yet resolved. All issues on this list are tagged curated: beginner - I update this post once a fortnight, but by all means check the GHI tag to see if there's anything I haven't mentioned yet! If you're after a challenge, you can also try looking at non-curated lower-effort issues, all unassigned issues, or rummage through [site community profile] dw_suggestions' bugzilla: migrated tag for features you'd like to implement. (If you do that last one, check to make sure that the entry isn't also tagged bugzilla: implemented, and that there isn't a corresponding assigned issue.)

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I might be interested in tackling the alt text to DW logo one, though not this week. It's something I've thought about before *g*.
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Thought: is there an unofficial policy on how long a bug should be left as bait? I mean I would claim some of these because I love working on tiny bugs especially as a break from bigger stuff but babydev bait is awesome so... advice?
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Just a note that I took 4750, 5181, and 5243. =) Thanks for keeping this list!