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That should be the attachment itself. Or just go to and get it from there.

As I said before, the Atom code doesn't work, but it should work as a template. Oh, and there seems to be a bug that I just noticed where if you go back and view Details on a non-LJXMLRPC account, you still see the LJXMLRPC options.

So the way I usually work on crossposter issues is to open up three windows, go to $LJHOME/bin/worker, and start up xpost, esn-process-sub, and process-esn. Oh, and go into Manage Account, and under Notifications, enable notifications on successful crosspost attempts. Makes troubleshooting easier.

In general, any time you update any crossposter code in DW/External you'll need to restart the xpost worker. You shouldn't need to restart the esn workers unless you're actually working on the notification code.

Some errors that aren't caught by the xpost worker end up in the sch_error table; if you are having mysterious failures, it's worth checking there.

I think that's most of the special crossposter development notes, other than just "here's the code, look at how external accounts are created and configured in externalaccount.bml, look at DW/Worker/XPostWorker to see how the actual crossposting code is called by The Schwartz, and hope that you don't have to deal with the part in between where you actually do the post and the crosspost job gets created." :)

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