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Ricky Buchanan ([personal profile] jeshyr) wrote in [site community profile] dw_dev_training 2011-09-21 11:57 am (UTC)

Ohhh, that's a very cool idea!! I've been hesitant about answering stuff because I'm still very newbie-ish (it took me an hour to set up a 'map' function yesterday for a one line patch) and I have weird splinter-knowledge. It's good to have a "safe" spot where I know somebody with more experience will come and correct me if needs be!

Weird thing I wonder about: What does "stc" stand for in the directory naming system? There are two (I think? at least one!) directory called "stc" in the code and I don't know what they're for. I'm trying to figure out the function of the directories for myself and documenting in but there are so many I don't know!

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